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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2011 10:00am-10:30am PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute supervisor avalos: army on? good morning. welcome to the city operations and neighborhood services committee. could you share the announcements bill -- been of >> all persons attending this meeting are requested to turn of cell phones and pagers, please submit copies of materials for the file and items recommended out of committee today may be recommended by the full board tuesday of next week.
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supervisor avalos: please call item no. 1. >> item #one. resolution authorizing the san francisco public utilities commission to accept and expend a u.s. environmental protection agency administered grant in the amount of $669,000 for the cesar chavez sewer system improvement project. supervisor mar: thank you. >> good morning. members of the committee, in the project manager for the cesar chavez sewer improvement project. this resolution before you authorizes the acceptance and expansion of the $659,000 issued from the u.s. environmental protection agency to assist us in funding the cesar chavez sewer improvement project. we were successful in obtaining a previous grant for this
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project of $477,900. for this additional grant we were given a total of $1,146,000 in federal support for the project. the caesars shot as improvement project is a very important improvement project as it provides more capacity for this area that has experienced historical flooding. we are very excited about this project, excited that we were able to win both of the grants for the project, which will help to provide local support. supervisor avalos: thank you very much. where is that located? between 1 01 and mission?
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what is the length of that will be covered? >> this is phase one of the project, sewers system improvement. phase two would be streetscape improvements. the street scape goats from hampshire to burrow. supervisor avalos: it is not all being done concurrently? >> basically they are doing the plumbing first before the service improvement. the streetscape will start at hampshire and we will keep ahead of them so that they can fix this or first before the street improvements. supervisor avalos: the timeline
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that we are talking about? >> for this project we are expecting to break ground in june or july but about nine months behind us. supervisor avalos: the experience with the length, partially funded by mtc and the funding sources, transportation authority, we had major sewer improvements that were done along their. i saw destruction along that line as a psychologist for two years. i was wondering what we should do to make it concise, so that there were not too many gaps in the length, so that people did not experience a lengthy disruptions. >> the two projects are
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consolidated into 24 months. we are working closely with dtw to minimize the disruption to the businesses and we are committed to holding a public meeting every three months to address any issues and see what kinds of issues we need to handle in the field as quickly as possible. supervisor avalos: we will move on to public comment for this item. there is no one else but city staff, so we will close public comment. we can move this item forward with recommendation? thank you. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> item #two. resolution authorizing the san
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francisco public utilities commission to retroactively accept and expend a u.s. department of energy administered grant in the amount of $951,500 to conduct a brown grease recovery and biofuel demonstration project. supervisor avalos: very good. >> good morning. my name is terry leigh. i have been the project manager for the biodiesel demonstration. the resolution before you would allow the city to retroactively except and expand approximately $951,500 in department of energy funds for demonstrations. awarded in 2009, the department of energy became very busy in awarding and expanding the american recovery and investment
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act funds to route 2002. which is why we are now able to accept this grant. these funds would allow for boundaries, restaurant trap ways, to be converted into clean burning biodiesel. it is important for the city because the san francisco public utilities commission sewer department spent $3.5 million each year addressing greece blockage in the sewers. in addition, fed and cisco has successfully transitioned its vehicle fleet from diesel to cleaner burning biodiesel. this demonstration furnishes technology that would allow the city to recover what is considered waste greased out of the city, converting it into a
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clean biodiesel. we are excited to once again get grant funds. we would appreciate your support. thank you. supervisor avalos: we will open this item for public comment. seeing no one else, we will close public comment. moving forward with recommendations. supervisor, you have worked on the ordinance? supervisor mar: thank you for this great work, making ground greece into biodiesel. i hope that other cities adopt this model as well. thank you. supervisor avalos: moving forward without recommendation -- without objection. that is our last item?
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>> yes, mr. chairman. supervisor avalos: we are adjourned. thank you very much.
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>> welcome to culture wire. we will look at the latest and greatest public art project. recently, the airport unveiled the new state of the art terminal. let's take a look. the new terminal service and american airlines and virgin america was designed by a world- renowned architecture's firm. originally built in 1954, the building underwent massive renovation to become the first registered terminal and one of the must modern and sustainable
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terminals and the united states. the public art program continues its 30-year legacy of integrating art into the airport environment with the addition of five new commissions that are as bold and dynamic as the new building. >> this project was completed in record time, and we were able to integrate the artist's early enough in the process that they could work with the architect said that the work that is completed is the work that really helps complement and instill the space as opposed to being tucked away in a corner. >> be experience begins with the glass facades that was designed with over 120 laminated glass panels. it captures the experience of being under or over clouds when flying in a plane. depending on the distance or
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point of view, it can appear clear for more abstract and atmospheric. the subtle colors change gradually depending on the light and the time of day. >> i wanted to create an art work that looks over time as well as working on in the first glance. the first time you come here, you may not see a. but you may be able to see one side over the other. it features a couple of suspended sculptures. each was created out of a series of flat plains run parallel to each other and constructed of steel tubing. >> it is made up of these strata. as the light starts to shift, there is a real sense that there is a dynamism. >> it gives the illusion that
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this cultures might be fragments of a larger, mysterious mass. >> the environmental artwork livens it with color, light, and the movement. three large woven soldiers are suspended. these are activated by custom air flow program. >> i channeled air flow into each of these forms that makes it move ever so slightly. and it is beating like a heart. if-0 when as of the forces of nature moving around us every second. >> shadow patterns reflect the shapes of the hanging sculptures. the new terminal also features a
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children's play areas. both of the market the exploratory n.y. -- exploratorium. the offer travelers of all ages a playful oasis. using high quality plywood, they created henches shaped like a bird wings that double as musical instruments. serving as a backdrop is a mural featuring images of local birds and san francisco's famous skyline. >> in the line between that is so natural, you can see birds and be in complete wilderness. i really like that about this. you could maybe get a little snapshot of what they are expecting.
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>> it is an interactive, keck sculpture that is interacted with by the visitor. >> they are a lot about and they fall down the belt. it moves the belt up, and if you turn that faster, the butterflies fall in the move of words. >> the art reflect the commission's commitment to acquiring the best work from the bay area and beyond. in addition to the five new commissions, 20 artworks that were already in the airport collection were reinstalled. some of which were historically cited in the terminal. it includes major sculptures by the international artists. as a collection, these art works tell the story of the vibrant arts scene in the early 1960's
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through the mid-1980s's. the illustrate san francisco's cultural center and a place of innovation that is recognized and the love throughout the world. one of the highlights is a series of three left tapestries. they are on view after being in storage for 20 years. these tapestries representing various gardens. from his years of living in san francisco. hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, and whilst dahlias in rich, deep shades as they make their way to the baggage area. they can access behind-the- scenes information and interviews with the artist through an audio to work. it features archival audio as well as interviews with living
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artists. he can be accessed on site by dialing the telephone numbers located near the artwork or by visiting the commission's web site. the public art speaks volumes of san francisco as a world-class city with world-class art and culture. for more information, visit